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Strategic consulting

Breakthrough communication begins with innovation and planning. LADC experience in brand audit, strategy and communications planning is the foundation of great results to come.

Brand development

Your brand is more than a logo, ad or web site, it is a relationship with your customer and the basis for customer loyalty. LADC’s core expertise is developing x-platform brand landscapes that build that relationship.


At the heart of it all is the brand personality. LADC creative fire captures the essence and strength of your brand with just the right words, just the right images, and touch all the right nerves that result in effective campaigns.

Digital and graphic design

Seizing opportunities in today’s communication environment require an inspired, agile and disciplined touch. LADC experience across media channels enhances the clarity, unity and strength of your brand.

Welcome to the L A D Communications (LADC) web site.

This site is really a work in progress. So while we hope you will enjoy seeing some of what we’ve done.
It’s all really about what we’ll do for you. So let talk…

Our Latest Projects

Here you will find the most recent project we did. Enjoy.

Play To Win (Friends)

We believe a company is more than the facts in a name, web site, ads or brochures. It is a story that, told well, will strengthen the future of your business by securing customer loyalty.
At LADC, we work to take you beyond the obvious into more compelling communications. We strive to celebrate your story and in doing that, win friends and build your business.

“Once again you have succeeded to “hit it out of the ballpark”. The video presentation was so popular and well liked by our management team that they played it at the start of every day at the Conference.”

Barbara Healey
- Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager
Bombardier Customer Services and Support

“Kiss your Art Director, this is exactly what we needed..”

Frank Manley
- Editor Publisher – To Hell In a Halifax

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