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Cirque du Soleil


When Cirque du Soleil (CdS) needed to refresh the identity of their MYSTÈRE show at Treasure Island, Las Vegas, LADC was engaged to work with both a CdS creative team and contracted services to develop the new look. The results where wildly successful and can be seen all over Las Vegas in print, posters, and CDs.

Merchandising and Retail Development

Teamed with retail consultant Lon Murphy (Design Realization, San Francisco) the concept potential and merchandise makeup of a Cirque du Soleil Store were developed. Over a six-month period the site-specific store environment was created and over 325 different product designs were developed. Of these, some 40 were produced and sell briskly worldwide as part of the touring and resident CdS shows, and over the Internet as part of the CdS Web site.

The Cirque Du Soleil Store opened as part of the CdS permanent tent built with Disney in Orlando, Florida in early 1999, and enjoyed instant profitability.