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Better living

BPR CSO combines advanced technology with proven engineering expertise to create innovative water management solutions for communities in North America and around the world.

Beyond the explanation of method and technology, LADC identified a common measure of industry success as “fishable, swimmable water” within the urban community.

To exploit that strategy and to harmonize BPR CSO with the BPR brand, LADC developed a new identity along with benefit-driven creative that simplified and gave structure to the BPR CSO service offering.

The effort was leveraged across the spectrum of marketing activity including website, trade show display, electronic presentations and fact sheets.

In the BPR CSO target markets, politicians are the decision makers and the influencers are their constituencies. What better way to speak their language than in the format that connects them in the most topical way? LADC suggested replacing a brochure with a complimentary newspaper with BPR CSO cover sheet delivered to targeted hotel rooms on the opening morning of major conferences and urban planning seminars.