Some Client e-mails

“Once again you have succeeded to “hit it out of the ballpark”. The video
presentation was so popular and well liked by our management team that
they played it at the start of every day at the Conference.”

Barbara Healey
- Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager
Bombardier Customer Services and Support

“Kiss your Art Director, this is exactly what we needed..”

Frank Manley - Editor
Publisher – To Hell In a Halifax

“I dropped off a copy of each of the last three releases at your office
- they turned out beautifullly – thank you!”

Nancy Marley - General manager
Justin Time Records inc.

“Business Aviation 101 has arrived. It looks incredible. Please thank the team,
… especially given the short notice.”

Paul Vitagliano - Regional Marketing Manager
Bombardier Aerospace – Business Aircraft

“[the work you did} at Asian Aerospace looked terrific. Thanks again for a great
job with the usual deadline constraints.”

Burt Cruickshank - Marketing manager
Bombardier Aerospace

“Great, this is really nice. Well done!”

Lorraine Saint-Marie - Vice-President, public relations
Bombardier Inc.

“Thanks (LADC). As usual you never fail to deliver”

Christina Peikert - Marketing executive
Flexjet Europe

“Thanks for your great support and great work”

Monica Lavigne - Employee Communications
Pratt & Whitney Canada

“Wow, that was fast, thanks very much for the quick turnaround,
we can always count on you”

Natalie Blajwajs - Marketing coordinator
Bombardier Aerospace

“I Love it! – Great job!”

Marie-Helene Labrie
- Director, Marketing and Strategic Planning
Civil Simulation and Training, CAE