Laurent Dionne

President and Creative Director

Larry’s passion for art and communications has fueled a career that spans over two decades and has seen him work with some of Canada’s premier marketers. Among others, Air Canada, Astral Media, Bell Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, United Distillers, CTV, Gillette Canada, Softimage, have all engaged him to get their messages out.

In 1995, after several years as Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson (Montreal), Larry established L A D Communications at the center of a virtual network of local and international talent. LADC’s unique profile as a highly effective team was quickly put to use by some of Montreal’s most forward-looking companies.

Today LADC services clients throughout Canada and around the world. Indeed, the proven ability to meet and surpass the demanding standards of leading companies attests to Larry’s creative and professional skills.

Cameron Miller

Associate Creative Director Senior English Writer

With over two decades of creative marketing experience, Cameron continues to find just the right words, imagine just the right images, and touch all the right nerves that result in effective and award-winning campaigns.
As a Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson (Montreal), Cameron developed creative for Bombardier Business and Commercial Aircraft, Softimage, United Distillers, and CAE. Moving on within the WPP family of agencies, he was engaged by Brouillard Communications (New York), to develop collateral and interactive communications for Dassault Falcon Jet. As a creative writer/consultant in Houston, Cameron has worked with Delta Air Elite, McKinney Aerospace and among others notables, Coneco Energy, The Houston Museum of Natural History and NASA, where he was editor of their online magazine Countdown.

Cameron’s association and creative partnership with Larry Dionne and LADC extends back to the early 1990s. For over 15 years, Cameron has enjoyed being a core member of LADC, creating advertising campaigns, collateral, and event communications for Bombardier Aerospace, as well as others.